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    DATE: 14th May  |  TIME: 2pm CET
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The most unique feature about Blockchain Technology is its ability to remove trust in transactions. In addition to decentralization, smart contracts automate transaction process upon the confirmation of users. Meanwhile, it also protects the asset owners. This feature can be applied in many use cases, such as Smart Lock, Loyalty Fee, Patent and so on.

In this webinar, Dr. Johannes Schweifer will explain in details, how revenue share model on blockchain is done. This could potentially bring new opportunities to your businesses. Join the webinar and find out how.
Join the webinar to learn more about revenue share model on blockchain

In this session, Dr. Johannes Schweifer, CEO of CoreLedger will talk about:

  1. What is revenue share model
  2. Creating revenue share model on blockchain
  3. Answer the questions you may have

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